Removable Dentures

After losing some or all of your teeth due to oral diseases, decay, or trauma, Crown Dental can restore your smile with removable dentures. Restoring both function and appearance, removable dentures let patients chew and bite normally, and the shape of the mouth and teeth remains filled out. Dr. Canut offers both complete removable dentures, which replace both upper and lower teeth, as well as partial dentures that replace several missing teeth but leave the undamaged teeth.

Since the removable dentures are not rooted in the jaw like implant dentures, you can take them out as necessary for cleaning and other matters.

Overdentures are another option for patients who are candidates. These dentures are implant-retained and rest directly on the gums. They can be applied to both the upper and/or lower jaw, are removable, and secured to the implants through retentive attachments that are made into the denture. We ensure that all of our removable dentures are top-quality to fit your needs.

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With removable dentures, you can smile and eat with confidence.


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Removable dentures are usually completed in 2-5 appointments with Dr. Cantu. Once the mouth is prepared for the dentures, we will take molds of the patient’s mouth to send to the dental laboratory.

While the custom dentures are being made, the patient will be given a set of temporary dentures to wear.

Once the dentures are returned to the dentist, the patient will return to have their new dentures fitted and learn about proper denture care.

The patient may need to return in 2-4 weeks so the dentist can re-check the fit of the dentures and the patient’s bite.

Removable dentures will need to be cleaned frequently, following the care instructions provided by our team. With proper care, removable dentures usually last 2-10 years. Patients should continue to schedule annual dental exams so we can check the gums, any remaining teeth, and the condition of the dentures.

Complete dentures may cost from $400 to $8,000, but most dental insurance plans will cover some of the costs. Patients may have additional costs if they need teeth extracted or oral surgery. Our team will go over treatment options and costs during the initial consultation.

Before & After Removeable Dentures

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Smile and health improves for Pasco Patient by Dr. Cantu Cosmetic Dentist

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Periodontal disease led to Dentures. Patient is healthier and happier

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