Tooth-Colored Fillings

For procedures that require fillings, Crown Dental offers individualized tooth-colored fillings so that you can keep your smile looking beautiful and natural. As well as keeping aesthetic value, tooth-colored fillings also protect your teeth against infections, cavities, and decay.

Each filling can be matched almost impeccably to the color of your own teeth, unlike obvious metal fillings. Since the tooth-colored fillings are made of resin or porcelain, they are less sensitive to changes in temperature and do not change size or appearance over time.

Dr. Wally Cantu and his skilled staff suggest choosing tooth-colored fillings for patients who need and desire natural-looking and lasting fillings.

filling before photo fillings after photo
Individualized tooth-colored fillings so that keep your smile looking beautiful and natural.
black crown


bronze crown


black crown


bronze crown



Dr. Cantu offers patients a one-of-a-kind experience when undergoing a filling procedure. Prior to the procedure, the patient’s tooth is photographed and measured to create a filling that is comfortable and matches the shade of their tooth. The filling, made of resin, is then bonded to the tooth. The procedure seeks to create a filling that perfectly fits your tooth and covers the entire area that needs protection.

For some, this procedure can cause minor pain and discomfort, so some patients may not be able to immediately return to their regular routines.

Following the filling procedure, patients will need time, at least 1 – 3 hours, to allow their anesthesia to wear off. Patients should be cautious in talking or chewing so they do not bite the inside of their mouth or tongue while the area is numb.

The gums may also be tender or sore at the injection site, but this will subside in a day or so.

The tooth or teeth will be sensitive to hot or cold liquids or food for a short time, this is normal and temporary. Should patients feel any extreme discomfort or unevenness in the tooth after the anesthesia has worn off, please call our office immediately.

Patients should not expect to receive any medication or special instructions unless directed by the dentist during their consultation or after surgery.

Like other dental procedures, the cost of a tooth-colored filling is dependent upon the amount of work that needs to be done and the materials needed. The average cost for a filling typically ranges between $225 to $500 per tooth.

Patients should contact their insurance company prior to visiting our office, to inquire if this procedure is covered within their policy.

For those without insurance or looking to pay the cost out of pocket, payment options can be discussed during the consultation.

Before & After Tooth-Colored Fillings

tooth colored fillings before and after photo

Tricities dentist treats tooth decay West Richland dentist uses composite resin.

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Dr. Cantu, Anthony, and the whole staff were great! Came in to get started as a new patient and have a broken filling replaced. They were able to see me quickly for a cleaning and I was right in the next week to fix my filling. Very personable and caring for their patients. Also, I overpaid for my services and they had the integrity to refund the difference even though I would’ve ever known ?? That speaks volumes of their character here!


Dr. Cantu and his staff are very professional and friendly. Our whole family is patients, and we will continue to go to Crown Dental as well as refer any friends and family. Our little one had his first filling, and Dr. Cantu called the next week to make sure that he was doing well after the procedure. Great customer service!