Sedation Dentistry

Visiting the dentist should be a pleasant and positive experience. With the sedation options at Crown Dental, you can enjoy less stress and anxiety when undergoing treatment to improve your oral health.

Crown Dental is pleased to offer IV sedation dentistry and general anesthesia, oral-conscious sedation, or nitrous oxide sedation to our patients to provide relaxed and comfortable care. 

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Sedation can help you enjoy less stress and anxiety
when undergoing dental treatment.
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General anesthesia is delivered through gas inhalation or intravenously and offers deeper sedation, allowing you to drift off to sleep and remain peacefully unconscious while your dental treatment is being performed. 

Patients with extreme dental phobias or fears may be ideal candidates for general anesthesia. Individuals who are unable to remain still due to behavior challenges or sit comfortably in the dental chair may also be able to get the dental care needed by receiving general sedation for their treatment. General anesthesia may be a recommended option to help children and adult patients improve their oral health in the absence of stress, fear, or worry.

IV conscious sedation is administered intravenously, taking effect rather quickly, and can help keep you relaxed and calm during your dental visits.

Although you remain conscious during the procedure, the relaxation and short-term memory loss can make you feel like you have been asleep. Dr. Walberto "Wally" Cantu can also adjust the amount of medication based on your needs and to ensure your safety and comfort.

Top candidates for IV sedation, also known as "twilight sedation," are those who feel moderate stress when undergoing dental procedures, patients who have experienced traumatic dental visits in the past, and individuals who feel uncomfortable or nervous at the thought of visiting the dentist.

Even patients with multiple treatment needs or a stronger gag reflex may find they are better able to relax and get the dental care needed without distress or anxiety. IV sedation can be used safely for both children and adults.

Dr. Cantu can provide oral conscious sedation for patients who are exceptionally nervous about any pain or discomfort during their procedure. This sedative, taken in pill form, relaxes the patient enough to proceed with the procedure.

About an hour beforehand, the patient will swallow the pill, which ranges in strength from mild to moderate. Unable to be changed after it is taken, the mild dose will cause drowsiness and relaxation, and the moderate dose can induce sleep so that the patient can receive treatment without difficulty.

Oral conscious sedation is a great option to calm down patients who are anxious before a dental procedure at Crown Dental.

Dr. Cantu and his staff at Crown Dental want to ensure the comfort and confidence of every patient before, during, and after their dental procedure. With nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, happy gas, or inhalation sedation, patients are temporarily sedated and calmed so that they feel less anxiety and discomfort.

Since nitrous oxide anesthetizes patients just enough to eliminate pain and apprehension, they are still conscious enough to listen to instructions, making it a valuable tool for dental procedures.

The clear, odorless gas is administered comfortably through a hood over the patient’s nose, and Dr. Cantu controls the amount according to each patient’s individual needs.


I would never go anywhere else, nor would I want to trust my care anywhere else. It’s too important to me. And I’ll tell anyone who asks about my smile, Crown Dental is the best place in town. 


Crown Dental is a relaxing environment. They are very friendly and full of joy. It shows that they not only love their jobs but also they care about each individual patient.