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Procedure Details

This patient came to our office looking for options to improve his smile. We sat down to talk about what was bothering him about his smile and what he was looking to achieve. The patient said that his smile has always been a self-conscious issue. His spacing in his lower teeth would show through when he smiled or when he talked. This would give him less confidence when talking or meeting new people in possibly being judged. He also talked about how he wanted whiter teeth and didn’t want to wait very long, which we also took into account. When looking at what options this patient had I immediately recommended orthodontics to aid in moving the teeth into a better biting position, esthetic position and to align the teeth properly for a overall better function of his teeth and longevity. The patient rejected the idea. The only other option to create what he wanted was veneers. With veneers there are two options. Porcelain and composite. Porcelain is dependent on the doctor and the lab. Its long-lasting as well as more costly with greater costs in repairs and maintenance. The second option, Composite veneers, is only dependent on the dentist, giving the provider all the control on the final outcome. This option is also a fraction of the cost and there are less expenses for repairing the veneers as well as quicker to repair. The patient chose composite veneers. A higher quality of Composite resin was chosen for higher esthetics in the veneer.

These views show how the “crookedness” of teeth can change the appearance of them when viewed from the sides or as I call it the “cocktail party” views when people are facing you from the sides.

A smile transformation completed in only two visits. We had the control of changing what we wanted changed because with composite veneers the dentist has all the control instead of sending the case out to a laboratory where the communication can be off thus compromising the case and taking longer than needed to complete.