AGE 50-59


Procedure Details

This patient came to Crown Dental in search for a solution to her failing restorations. She had composite veneers done over 10 years ago with recession along her anterior teeth. She had missing teeth and fillings that were failing and discolored as well. She was a very anxious patient and not a fan of the dentist, however knew that she wanted to get treatment done and wanted options. Dental implants were the first option to replace her missing tooth. The implant was placed first and veneers where completed and full coverage crowns where needed while the implant was healing. Patient was able to leave with temporaries which she loved and could see how her future veneers and crowns could look like and make adjustments if needed before we cemented her permanent restorations. She was able to complete the implant treatment by taking a benzodizepene that we give the patient here at our office called Halcion. She simply tooth a pill 1 hr before and another crushed under her tongue when she arrived and was able to be at a relaxed point and comfortable to get through treatment. It was a fun case and a joy to treat her! She said after we completed the work that we were an answered prayer.