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Mini Implants with Dr Cantu DDS

Dr. Cantu takes you through the Mini Implants procedure in English and Spanish


Dr. Cantu:          We good? Alright hey everyone, thanks for tuning in today. We're here at Crown Dental and just wanna fill you guys in on a little procedure that we did today and it's called mini implants. So some of you have heard of regular implants, but there's also something called mini implants. So something pretty cool if you're missing a tooth and you need to replace a tooth and you don't have enough bone mini implants is a very good option. And it's very minimal, it's quick, healing times are very quick and a lot of times you can get a crown within a couple weeks cause the bone just ... the implants just integrate really good in the bone.

Dr. Cantu:          And so here ... so I'm gonna do this video in English and Spanish for the Spanish speaking patients. So [Spanish 00:00:46] Crown Dental [Spanish 00:01:03] mini implants [Spanish 00:01:07]. Here's a photo of, or a picture, an x-ray of what a mini implant looks like. [Spanish 00:01:26] We have a patient here, Rosa, and she came to visit us and, go ahead Anthony. [Spanish00:01:49] Rosa ask us why you came to visit us in the beginning.

Rosa:               [Spanish 00:02:02]

Dr. Cantu:          Okay

Rosa:               [Spanish 00:02:23]

Dr. Cantu:          [Spanish 00:02:32]

Rosa:               [Spanish 00:02:32]

Dr. Cantu:          [Spanish 00:02:43] For those of you, she said she came in, she had a tooth that she was missing and she heard about us and she feels comfortable that we speak in her same language. And so, she is very happy with the procedure. It was very quick. We're gonna ask her here about, as far as pain goes. [Spanish 00:03:08]

Rosa:               [Spanish 00:03:18]

Dr. Cantu:          Okay. [Spanish 00:03:18]

Rosa:               [Spanish 00:03:27]

Dr. Cantu:          [Spanish 00:03:26]

Rosa:               [Spanish 00:03:29]

Dr. Cantu:          [Spanish 00:03:34]

Rosa:               [Spanish 00:03:34]

Dr. Cantu:          So it was a very quick procedure. She is very happy. So we're gonna get ready to take impressions today, so she can get her crown. [Spanish 00:03:47] So we will do another Facebook line to kind of show you the end result, but if you're missing a tooth, if you'd like to know more information on mini implants, we can even use mini implants to secure your dentures. If you have loose dentures, mini implants is a great way to secure your dentures so they're not falling out while you're eating or talking to people cause that can be embarrassing, but as well as you can eat better foods with dentures that are more stable. So give a us a call. Consultations are free. (509) 980-0155 [Spanish 00:04:28] Thanks for visiting us and we will catch you guys in a couple more weeks and show you the results. God bless.