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Wonderful Kor Whitening Patient Testimonial

Kor Whitening Patient Testimonial


Speaker 1:          Again, we can edit this in the line room.

Darlene:            That's good. I'm sure she'll need to.

Speaker 1:          Okay, Darlene. I already said your first name. What's your first name and why did you choose Crown Dental?

Darlene:            My name is Darlene and I chose Crown Dental because a cousin of mine and his wife came here in December and told me that you guys were awesome. Been looking for a new dentist, just kinda put it off for a while. Finally just made the appointment and came.

Speaker 1:          What are your thoughts on our office after your first visit? Sorry, sorry, sorry. Yeah, what are your thoughts on our office after your first visit?

Darlene:            I think the office is awesome, even after my first visit. My first visit was spectacular. Sitting out in the waiting room watching the video of the Christian music, I just felt like God was telling me this is the place you need to be. It's amazing, really.

Speaker 1:          What procedure did you have done?

Darlene:            I've had two procedures done. The first one was a cleaning by a doctor. That went great. The second one was the KoR teeth whitening procedure, which I just finished up about five minutes ago.

Speaker 1:          How did it go?

Darlene:            Both went great. The teeth whitening was awesome. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The first night that I did it at home I was a little bit nervous, so it took me a while to fall asleep, because I was nervous about it. After that first night, it was great. The thingamabobber that you put in-

Speaker 1:          The little trays?

Darlene:            ... Yeah, the trays. You couldn't even tell that they were in. I think it's because they're so thin. The rest of the times that I did it, it was great. I had just a little bit of sensitivity a couple of times, but nothing that lasted long at all. It was very much a good experience compared to when I've tried it before at another office. It was so painful, with the trays, that I just stopped it after three days.

Speaker 1:          Would you recommend anyone to Crown Dental, and why?

Darlene:            I recommend everybody to Crown Dental. I get the business cards and I pass them out to everybody, because they're just an awesome group, the whole office staff is. They're so amazing. They're so compassionate and they listen to what you tell them. They're just great. You gotta come see them, and you need Jesus.

Speaker 1:          [inaudible 00:03:00]