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Crown Dental Grand Opening West Richland, Wa - Dr. Cantu

Watch the Crown Dental Grand Opening in West Richland, Wa.


Speaker 1:          What we'll do is we'll start with the city. The city's gonna say some things. And then we'll go ahead and do the ribbon cutting ceremony. We'll cut the ribbon. And then we'll say some words and then we'll have our pastor, Matt Molt, from New Vintage, pray for our business. Okay?

Speaker 1:          So, Hector, you want to take it?

Speaker 2:          Okay, yes. Yes, welcome everyone. My name is Hector Cruz and I'm here on behalf of the Tri Cities' Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. And we're very excited to have this grand opening here today with Dr. Cantu and all of his staff here. It's a very inspiring story. I had a chance to talk to him earlier and he was telling me about his inspiration. And I think a lot of that inspiration really comes from everybody ... a lot of, the majority of the people here, too, are present. There's a lot of family. And it's an extended family, too, with his staff. I can see that there's a lot of good friends. But it's good to see his abuelitas here, his grandmothers and his family that you can see a lot of that love and that unity.

Speaker 2:          But a lot of that goes into also into this business. And that love thing also goes even more so into economic development here in our community, which you can see the love here of the tri cities and the support that I know you'll receive here from the City of West Richland and also the greater Tri Cities Area. And so I know that the Tri Cities' Hispanic Chamber, we're very honored to be here present and look forward to going this grand opening and to your success.

Speaker 2:          So with that being said, I would like to turn it over to the mayor of West Richland, Mr. Brent.

Speaker 3:          Thank you. Thank you. We are very blessed this afternoon to have this family locate this business here in the city of West Richland. It's certainly an asset to our community and we look forward to many successful years as you move forward. And as I get a little older, I may need a little tune-up, so I'll have to come see you to be as white as you are. It's beautiful.

Speaker 1:          We'll take good care of you.

Speaker 3:          And with that, I'd like to read a proclamation from the City of West Richland. Whereas the City of West Richland supports and encourages new business and facilities in West Richland, and whereas the citizens of West Richland will benefit the opening of Crown Dental, and whereas your persistence and dedication will make a positive contribution to our community, now therefore, I, Brent Gerry, by the virtue of authority vested in me as mayor of the City of West Richland, do hereby proclaim Crown Dental business of the day, September 8, 2017.

Speaker 3:          One more time here for all the photos.

Speaker 1:          Pictures, guys. Pictures. Say cheese.

Speaker 3:          Show the pearly whites.

Speaker 3:          Very good. Okay, thank you so much.

Speaker 1:          Thank you so much. [crosstalk 00:02:58]

Speaker 3:          That's yours. It goes on the wall. Thank you so much.

Speaker 1:          Thank you.

Speaker 1:          Alex, you want to hold this?

Speaker 4:          Yes.

Speaker 2:          So I guess we'll do the official ribbon cutting.

Speaker 5:          So whoever you want to stand there with you. There's staff, family. And then, Connie, here's the scissors. You want to give ... we'll just use the gold ones. They're pretty.

Speaker 2:          You guys ready to cut it?

Speaker 5:          One, two, three.

Speaker 5:          Whoo!

Speaker 1:          We're officially open, guys. So again, I just want to thank everybody for coming. This has really been an exciting, challenging journey for us. But I just want to give thanks to my grandparents for making the decision to follow Jesus Christ because I think that one decision translated to the success that our family is having. And to my parents, for their support and love. Without you guys, like honestly growing up, we had it all because of you guys. And I just thank you for the love and support.

Speaker 1:          To my beautiful and lovely wife, she knows how hard this has been and she knows how much work she's put into it. And I just want to thank her. All of what you see here is her vision and she's just an amazing, talented woman and I know this office wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for her amazingness, right? And so I just want to thank her publicly in front of all you guys. She's really the backbone of this office and of our family.

Speaker 1:          And to my little kids, I will only say you guys, thank you for being patient with us for so many office visits that we've come. You guys were being behaving 75% of the time, but you guys did great and I thank you guys for that, okay?

Speaker 1:          I don't know if there's anyone else that wants to say any words. This isn't planned at all or anything, but I just want to kind of open up that opportunity for anybody to say anything before Pastor Matt Molt prays for the business.

Speaker 6:          We are very happy, very heart is full of joy. This is a dream that Wally dreamt. Forty, fifty years ago, our grandparents, who left Mexico, our son was a career to see the American dream in our kids and we're so proud for your accomplishment. We're so proud that one day you said when we visit that dental private practice in West Pasco, and that we visited and we finished the tour, Wally said, "This is the lifestyle I want to live." He was like 18, 19 years old. So congratulations, Connie, this is also your ... you had a big part. And your accomplishment and also and we are so grateful to God because He allowed that Wally [inaudible 00:06:21] and congratulations.

Speaker 1:          Thank you, Dad.

Speaker 6:          We made it. It was worth it. And I'm so proud for you.

Speaker 1:          Thanks, Dad. Thank you.

Speaker 1:          My father-in-law couldn't help, but he likes the mic and so give the podium to him.

Speaker 7:          Yes, we're all very grateful today for what is happening here and I just want to thank God for allowing us to see this day happen. Like everybody's saying, you know, not too many years ago, we were picking asparagus right down the road from here. And if we could turn the cameras around, every single one of standing here has a story and to see this happen right before our eyes is a huge, huge joy in our hearts because there was a day when McDonald's or anything like that was out of the question for us.

Speaker 7:          We had no means ...