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4001 Kennedy Road Suite #1
West Richland, WA 99353

Smile and health improves for Pasco Patient by Dr. Cantu Cosmetic Dentist

Procedure Details

This patient came as a referral from another patient that had a really good experience at Crown Dental and gave us a raving review on Google! This young man was looking to improve his oral health as his teeth had not had proper maintenance and had failing work that was done in another country. At Crown Dental our #1 priority is your oral health. Looking at all our options for health and a cost effective way to rehabilitate his smile for function and esthetics we looked at a removable denture for his top teeth. Extractions were completed with local anesthesia and allowed time for healing. At his following appointment measurements were taken to look how his front teeth would be presented when he smiled and the plane of his occlusion. We also look at the relationship that his top teeth would come together with his lower teeth. We work with a local lab which makes communication more effective and makes turn around time very quickly. A huge improvement was achieved to his oral health and ultimately his overall health. Periodontal disease has been linked to increase in heart disease and diabetes. But ultimately we had a happy patient with an improved self confidence in himself and his smile! Call us at Crown Dental for a free consultation to anyone in the Tricities looking for a Cosmetic Dentist that you can trust!


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