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Mouth Guards (Sports Guards, Night Guards, TMJ) – West Richland, WA

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About Mouth Guards

Mouth guards made from impressions taken at Crown Dental in West Richland, WA can protect the teeth both at night to help prevent teeth grinding and during sports play. The high-quality custom mouth night guards, as well as athletic guards from Crown Dental are made at a dental laboratory to fit your particularized needs so that they are comfortable and easy to wear. For athletes, these mouth guards provide a solid defense against mouth and teeth injuries while also minimizing stress. Additionally, there is evidence that wearing a mouth guard while playing sports can reduce the production of hormones that reduce strength, reaction time, and endurance. While sleeping, a mouth guard from Crown Dental dentist, Dr. Walberto "Wally" Cantu, and his staff can also be used to ease pressure in the jaw from TMJ disorder, to correct sleep apnea, or to alleviate teeth grinding.

What to Expect with Mouth Guards

Once Dr. Cantu decides the type of mouth guard that will be created for the patient, a series of digital X-rays and dental impressions will be taken to send to the dental laboratory. At the dental lab, a custom mouth guard will be crafted from high quality materials and sent back to the dentist’s office. We will check the mouth guard for proper fit and bite and make minor adjustments for the patient’s comfort.

Mouth Guards Treatment Aftercare

Patients should carefully follow all care instructions the dentist gives them for their mouth guard, including cleaning and storage. The mouth guard should be brought to all future dental appointments so we can check the wear and fit of the guard over time. Depending on how the mouth guard is used, it may last up to 8 years, but the dentist will let the patient known when it is time for a new mouth guard.

Mouth Guards Anticipated Costs

A custom mouth guard can cost from $200 - $1,000, depending on the materials used and whether the patient needs upper only or upper and lower mouth guards. During the consultation, the dentist will go over the patient’s dental concerns and their goals for their mouth guard and then help determine the best mouth guard for their situation.

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Protect and Treat

Our office offers a variety of mouth guards for protection from jaw clenching and tooth grinding, as well as sports and other athletic activities. The dentist also provides guards to help treat and prevent migraine headaches.

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