AGE 30-39


Procedure Details

This patient presented to me for an exam. The patient was not having any pain at all bur he had a little ball of infection near his gum next to this root canaled tooth. We took an x-ray and confirmed that this tooth had infection around it that was destroying his bone. I gave the patient options for replacing the tooth like a “flipper” that is removable and only used for appearance. The next option was a Bridge which I did not recommend as his neighboring teeth looked very solid and healthy so I did not want to destroy his natural teeth. The last option I gave him and the most recommended was a dental implant. After going over the risks and benefits of all the choices he went for the dental implant. We brought him back the next few days under sedation which was really helpful to calm his anxiety. We removed the tooth atraumatically to find that he also had bone loss on the front wall of his bone around the tooth. I made the decision to place the implant the same day and place a bone graft at the same time. Patient recovered great for his post-op. We had him wear a flipper in the meantime so he didn’t walk around town with a missing tooth scaring people. The patient returned in 5 months to restore the implant where you can see in the second photo how the implant integrated very well and achieved a great crown replacing the missing tooth.