AGE 30-39


Procedure Details

Tri-cities dentist, West Richland Dentist, Richland Dentist, West Pasco Dentist; This patient came to Crown Dental with looking for help with his smile. He has had an extensive amount of damage to his dentition like gross decay, missing and broken teeth, dental infections, and periodontal disease. We talked about multiple options like dental crowns with root canals, full mouth extractions and dentures, all on four denture hybrid or dental bridges. We talked about risks and benefits towards each treatment to see which one benefited him most long term and also fit financially in his budget. In this after picture you see a big transformation that we call a transitional prosthesis. The patient elected to go with dental implants for strength, and having teeth like sensation and feel. We were able to extract his teeth that were hopeless and place implants the same day. Before he left we were also able to cement this transitional prosthesis that is fixed/does not move and use it for several months while the patient heals before he gets his permanent dental bridges. Call Crown Dental to have a free consultation to go over your smile makeover.