AGE 40-49


Procedure Details

When a tooth has decay that does not get treated or even trauma the nerve eventually will be very sensitive and have damage that causes the nerve to die. This nerve damage will lead to pain and sensitivity. The options to treat the pain is either tooth extraction or a root canal. A root canal is when the nerve is cleaned out using dental instruments and medicaments to properly sterilize and seal the tooth. Root canal therapy was done on a patient with pain and infection as indicated near the red pencil drawing. The patient reported pain and had pus in the gums that would develop an abscess then pop in a continual cycle every few weeks. The after picture was taken about 6 months where the patient reported no more pain or abscess in his gums. When done properly root canals are safe and an effective way to save a tooth from infection and eventual tooth loss. If you have tooth decay and have not taken care of it call Crown Dental in West Richland 509-989-6863.