AGE 30-39


Procedure Details

This patient came to me after finished up orthodontics. She had a front tooth missing at an early age and was using a temporary flipper during her youth as she was waiting to start orthodontics. She was interested in finding an anesthetic option, that was fixed and would a long term result. We proposed a dental implant, dental bridge both porcelain and composite or a resin partial. After our records appointment and diagnostics, we found the very thin bone on her upper maxilla which looks deceiving from all the tissue that she had developed. This would include necessary bone grafting, extra time and money, and post-op recovery she would have to go through. The next option was a dental bridge. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each. After discussing she elected for the composite dental bridge. She was a great case for it due to her lack of anterior contact and lack of overbite. This treatment was a very conservative treatment as no grinding was needed to be done to her existing teeth and it all was completed from start to finish all at our office in about 90 minutes. The patient was very happy with the result!