AGE 50-59


Procedure Details

West Richland patient came to Crown Dental looking for a dental implant. She had been missing an upper right tooth for about two years and wanted to get it replaced. We took a 3D X-ray to make sure we knew exactly how much bone width and length wise we had to know what size of implant we would be able to place for her. This patient was a snowbird so she came in October before leaving to Arizona and had the dental implant done at our office. When she came back the following year she had came back for an impression to screw on the dental implant crown. We do these procedures pretty routinely. With our 3D Cone Beam it gives the Doctor more confidence in placing the implant and allows for a safer experience for our patient.

The picture looks confusing but the picture on the right is a mirror image of the picture on the left. Dental implant was done in our office from start to finish. Call Crown Dental for an implant consultation.