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Procedure Details

Digital Xrays can help us diagnose dental health issues that can have life-altering effects. This West Pasco patient came in just after 3 years of her last appointment with her previous dentist. She had a complaint about not being able to open her mouth wide enough and having extreme pain to bring her in tears. This issue was also having an effect on her teeth that caused them to start to become very loose. We examined her thoroughly looked at her medical history to see for any underlying issues that could be contributing to her symptoms. This had extreme pain when sliding her jaw to the right. When comparing the two dental panoramic Xrays I noticed a large abnormal capsule surrounding her condyle. She was immediately sent over to specialists at the University of Washington for a biopsy which came back as hypertrophic cartilage in her joint disk which would need to be removed. The patient had a sense relief that we had found out what was the issue, albeit the unfortunate news. The patient is now on her way to recovery with a jaw surgery allowing her to sing like she once did and enjoy certain foods that she refrained from due to the pain. If you have any jaw symptoms or pain please come and see us for a thorough dental examination.