AGE 50-59


Procedure Details

This patient came to Crown Dental (West Richland) (Richland) (West Pasco) (Kennewick) (Tricities) after she broke a bridge on her upper left side. When evaluating her smile I asked her if there was anything she wanted to improve in her smile. She mentioned COLOR. She had some work done on her front teeth and did not match the neighboring teeth. So we talked about doing a smile makeover and how it could improve the things she was concerned about while also tying it in with fixing her bridge. We started with diagnostic records to get some molds of her bite. From there we waxed up her future teeth to use as a guide for her temporaries. Doing this is very important as we can use this to make temporaries much easier as well as giving an example of what the treatment may look like during a “trial smile.” We prepared the teeth after an agreement was made on how the temporaries would look like. This is really important as well as we will use a mold of the temporaries as a communication tool and send it to the lab along with clear digital photos and shade colors to get back from the lab exactly what we want. The patient wore her temporaries for two weeks, which during that time we could fine-tune them and make any necessary changes before we took a final impression to send to the lab. The final result shows a brighter more uniform smile and much more natural than what she originally had. If you are interested in a smile makeover please do not hesitate to give us a call!

The picture on the left shows how the temporaries looked like right after the first appointment. We made several changes to get the temporaries as the patient wanted it when it comes to shape and size and contour. The picture on the right shows what the finals look like in a different view.