AGE 50-59


Procedure Details

This patient came to me looking for options. He had been to multiple dentists and each was focusing on the tooth at time dentistry and couldn’t get his decay under control nor have a game plan for his oral health. This picture shows how severe dental decay can be and the destruction it can cause. Not only causing pain but also embarrassment from smiling or conversing with peers. This patient was seen by a local surgeon and prosthodontist and quoted him over 50k in dental implants and prosthetics. Having done this would most likely give him the best results involving implants and major oral surgery (Breaking his jaw), however, most people are not prepared to spend that much or have the means to that kind of money. The patient came to me wanting us to try and work with his teeth as much as possible to see what can be saved and wanted to avoid surgery as much as possible. Looking at his dental models we did a full evaluation to see what steps we were going to take to restore his oral health and improve his esthetics at the same time. However, with this case, we told the patient that there would be some compromises, but we could save him money and save most of his teeth using dental composite and crowns, root canals, and dental bridges. This case is not finished but is a work in progress. None the less there has been a huge improvement in the patient’s health, the way he feels, the way he eats, and has received so many compliments from family and friends.