AGE 50-59


Procedure Details

Anterior veneers were completed by Dr. Cantu to get rid of decay and failing silver caps for Kennewick patients. This procedure was completed in two short appointments. Dental Veneers are a conservative way to change the shape and color of teeth very quickly. An alternative would be dental crowns, however much more aggressive prepping needs to be completed to do so.

The patient had silver crowns done in Mexico and wanted to change them out. These crowns not only looked ugly but they also had decay around them because they were ill-fitted and fabricated crowns. I recommended replacing the crowns with Emax as its very durable, esthetic, and tooth-like. We have done many veneer cases where we can change the appearance of one’s smile in a matter of a few weeks permanently. We service patients in the Tricities, West Richland, Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, and surrounding areas.