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Procedure Details

This patient presented with the complaint that she did not like the way her teeth looked discolored.

This patient had several fillings previously filled by another dentist several years ago that with time became discolored. This is one of the down falls of tooth color fillings as they can darken overtime.

After a dental examination was performed and necessary digital x-rays were taken, we came up with a treatment plan with her. Due to her front teeth being moderate to severely worn in the backside of the teeth and her existing large fillings that were failing we recommended full coverage porcelain crown to protect her existing teeth from further wear, as well as change the color of the teeth and protect them from more staining. We designed her future crowns to match her smile and restore her length that was lost due to the wear.

As you can see the procedure came out very nice and now we have another happy patient with a beautiful smile for the long run.