AGE 50-59


Procedure Details

This patient has been coming to Crown Dental for his check ups and exams. At his initial visit it had been 5 years since his last cleaning. Bleeding gums, sore gums, red Gums, bone loss, and tartar build up were some of the signs and symptoms this patient was having. We scheduled him back for a deep cleaning to try and stabilze his gum disease. The picture taken was 6months after his initial deep cleaning. As you can see this patient built up lots of tartar during this time. We had recommended him to come at four months, but for whatever reason he came two months after. Controlling gum disease is no joke. More and more studies are coming out linking periodontal disease (which is a disease of the gum and bones) and heart disease as well as the control of diabetes. Call to make a visit at Crown Dental for an initial exam to diagnose and start a plan to get your smile in tip top shape!