AGE 18-29


Procedure Details

This patient came in as an emergency and we were able to squeeze her into our schedule to help her out. She was a young lady who had an Iphone accidentally thrown at her face and her front tooth fractured as a result. She had sensitivity with the tooth. An X-ray was taken to confirm there was no root fracture/bone. Some dentists would see this and recommend a crown, however my philosophy is doing the most minimally invasive dentistry as possible. What does this mean? This means we cut a minimal tooth as we possibly can to preserve what God has given them so there is less tooth destruction. Composite resin was layered over her tooth. As a result the patient did not have to go through extensive dentistry and wait back for a crown. She got her tooth back a close as possible what she had previously. She was in ortho a few years ago and she said her front teeth shifted so we tried and recreate was was there before as far as the alignment of the teeth. The patient left with a big smile! If you need emergency dental treatment or have broken teeth that are keeping you from smiling then give us a call at Crown Dental for a free consultation. Call 509-980-0155.