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Procedure Details

Gastric reflux can cause harm to both overall health and to teeth. You can tell in the picture to the left the patient has dentin (more soft than enamel) that is exposed and wearing away very quickly leaving the enamel unsupported. What ends up happening is chipping of the teeth and wearing of the teeth at a rapid pace. This patient came in very concerned how his teeth were deteriorating and wanted to know his options. Crown were discussed, however due to his finances another alternative was needed. We discussed dental bonding, which is a very economical way for this patient to slow down the progression of the wear to set him self up for crowns in the future if needed As you can see the transformation looks great and now has a beautiful smile restored to where it was originally at while not having to break the bank.

Edges were restored with a beautiful esthetic and reinforced enhancement. The patient was thrilled with his new smile.