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Procedure Details

This patient came to me originally with a tooth that had a root canal that eventually cracked on him. The tooth could not be saved. We talked about dental implants as the next best option for form, function and least traumatic to his neighboring teeth. Patient decided to go with the dental implant. We scheduled him for his extraction and placed bone in the socket for better foundation for his implant. The picture at the right shows a few weeks after the dental implant was placed.

These picutures show the extraction site healed with a bone graft that was added. Patient healed very well with great bone and healthy tissue for an implant. When implant was placed we took an xray to confirm length and angulation of implant. With our 3D cone beam we were able to do this procedure guided thus allowing us to accurately place your dental implant. This procedure was completed in almost less than 30 min. Come and visit us at Crown Dental and let us help you and give you options to replace your missing teeth.

These pictures show the after result from a dental implant crown. The patient is now able to function properly on his right side with better chewing and the alignment of the teeth maintained. Dental Implants are have little no pain during and after procedure. The recovery is quick. Dental implants in West Richland, Richland, Kennewick and Pasco. Visit Crown Dental for your free consulation. Lets get your chew on!