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Dr. Walberto Cantu

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4001 Kennedy Road Suite #1
West Richland, WA 99353

Procedure Room - Crown Dental

About the Procedure Room

Our procedure room is designed to make sure your visit is calm and relaxing while you undergo dental treatment from Dr. Cantu and his staff. With aromatherapy, massage seats, headphones, and a TV mounted on the ceiling for your viewing pleasure, you’ll find that your procedure seems to just fly by. Each of the rooms is equipped with modern technology to help with the diagnosis and preparation for your procedures, such as the VA-tech 3D imaging equipment. We use the dental vibe for easy injections and the 3D CBCT to ensure that the preparation for extractions, root canals, and the placement of implants goes smoothly. We also offer Invisalign for orthodontic treatments and a TNN technique to anesthetize all four corners of the mouth, leading to less risk for trauma in both young and elderly patients. Our equipment and procedure room are kept clean and pristine so that your visit is safe, comfortable, and stress-free.