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Information About Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Services

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Average Cost
$225 - $500

Our staff highly recommends tooth-colored fillings, which are made of resin or porcelain and protect teeth while maintaining a natural appearance.

Average Cost
$140 - $210

To remove plaque and tartar that could cause infections from the gum pockets and smooth over the teeth, Dr. Cantu recommends scaling and root planing.

Average Cost
$130 - $400

Our staff can perform tooth extractions to pull out or surgically remove damaged or failing teeth that cause pain, infection, or health problems.

Average Cost
$25 - $250

Our staff uses digital x-rays matching each patient’s needs in order to diagnose oral health issues in teeth, bones, and tissue during dental exams.

Average Cost
$1,500 - $2,500

Porcelain veneers are thin, translucent covers that are bonded over the front of teeth to cover up chips, cracks, or stains with a natural look.

Dr. Cantu and his staff can transform your smile with a smile makeover, a customized blend of cosmetic dentistry techniques based on your needs.

Average Cost
$50 - $300

Through a combination of noninvasive dental bonding and contouring, the staff at Crown Dental can reshape your teeth and subtly improve your smile.

With a range of professional and advanced teeth whitening systems, our staff can help each patient achieve a brighter, more beautiful smile from home.

Average Cost
$1,000 - $12,000

Crown Dental offers dental bridges to close up a gap with a false tooth surrounded by 2 or more crowns placed over the natural teeth for support.

Average Cost
$1,000 - $3,000

Crown Dental offers dental implants to restore your smile, replacing your missing tooth with a false one on a titanium post rooted into the jawbone.

Average Cost
From $9,500

With only 4 titanium posts attached to the jaw, All-on-4 dentures replace teeth with less healing time and longer results than traditional implants.

Average Cost
$400 - $8,000

To restore your smile after suffering from a loss of some or all of your teeth, our staff at Crown Dental recommends getting removable dentures.

Average Cost
$300 - $2,000

Dr. Cantu and his staff perform root canals to remove infections from inside teeth in order to prevent spreading and further health problems.

Average Cost
$500 - $3,000

A dental crown, made from metal, porcelain, or ceramic, fits snugly over a damaged or discolored tooth to improve durability as well as appearance.

At Crown Dental, we offer custom-made night guards to help protect against teeth grinding at night, which can cause pain and numerous dental issues.

Average Cost
$200 - $1,000

For protection while playing contact sports or as a defense against teeth grinding, a custom mouth guard can relieve pain and protect your teeth.

Average Cost
$800 - $2,000

To minimize snoring and improve oxygen flow while sleeping, Dr. Cantu can customize a snore guard to assist with sleep apnea symptoms.

Dr. Cantu can assist patients who suffer from TMJ and bruxism with TMJ therapy that may include a custom-made night guard at our dental office.

Average Cost
$2,500 - $5,500

A great, concealed alternative to metal braces, Invisalign is a collection of personalized aligners that comfortably straighten and correct teeth.

Average Cost
$100 - $300

To protect against disease and decay and to keep a healthy and beautiful smile, Dr. Cantu at Crown Dental recommends regular dental examinations.

Average Cost
$50 - $135

Every patient should receive professional dental cleanings at least twice a year at Crown Dental in order to preserve a healthy and bright smile.

Average Cost
$25 - $50

The easy sealant treatment at Crown Dental uses a plastic resin to protect your teeth from plaque, decay, disease, and more for several years.

Average Cost
$20 - $50

Professional fluoride treatments help to protect and strengthen the enamel on teeth, counteract tooth decay, and prevent the growth of bacteria.

At Crown Dental, our staff offers advanced screening technology to defend against oral cancer and other diseases during your annual dental exam.

Average Cost
$200 - $400

Our staff at Crown Dental can provide a mild to moderate oral-conscious sedative in pill form to calm down anxious patients before dental procedures.

Average Cost
$75 - $100

To ensure comfort and guard against pain, the staff at Crown Dental can administer the conscious sedative nitrous oxide before a dental procedure.

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